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Twelfth Night, or What You Will

In the Spotlight: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Written by Jacob Nelson | Photos courtesy of Strollers Theatre


The curtain opens, revealing a Lord drunk on food, music, and most especially, love.

His words are alien to current comprehensions of English, speaking in riddles and obscure references lost on many of those who would hear them. All the same, it is apparent his heart is full as he asks for more drink, unknowingly letting it spill upon the floor as he cialis uk next day delivery goes upon another tangent of his love. And the mysteries from his mouth draw us into his devotion.

Thus begins the otherworldly venture into Stroller Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night, or What You Will, directed by Greg Harris. Shakespeare’s words, dressed in the clothing of the current times, as they were meant to by the writer. Despite the more modern dress of the cast, the words of Shakespeare remain, and almost all of them are lost to me. But more often than not, I catch the manner in which they speak, knowing the context of the scene, and a sigh of awe escapes me as realization kicks in. The wordplay-lover within me adores the jest, even if there is still much mystery to discover. Rather, that’s the appeal.

L to R: Don Dexter as Feste | Erin Baal as Olivia | Matt Korda as Malvolio

L to R: Don Dexter as Feste | Erin Baal as Olivia | Matt Korda as Malvolio

Explaining the plot is a bit difficult, as all the connections the actors share with one another are as messy as the loves in which we may have in real life – requiring a relationship graph to sometimes keep us in check. Funny enough, such a graph was shared for advertising purposes, and you will see how amusing it is after watching the relationships actually play out onstage.

The vast amount of passion in Twelfth Night surrounds Olivia (played by Erin Baal), who recently inherited the family household after the death of both her father and brother. So emotionally distant from everyone around her, it was wonderful to cvs pharmacy tallahassee see her touched once more (and does she ever get touched!), resulting in many devotions, deceptions, and misunderstandings between courters, strangers, her steward, and family alike.

Lee Waldhart as Sir Toby | Sean Langenecker as Sir Andrew | Damon Butler as Fabian

L to R: Lee Waldhart as Sir Toby | Sean Langenecker as Sir Andrew | Damon Butler as Fabian

Harris’ set design worked well in presenting this production, allowing actors to dance in and out of scenes through doors of households, archways in gardens, and open streets. Each new scene felt like a whole new locale, given life through a combination of lighting and how the actors interact within it. Were the play akin to love-making, the first act would be foreplay, while

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the second is a mad frenzy of emotion, sometimes perverse, but oh, so entertaining. Twelfth Night is sad as well, as real life disconnection can sometimes make us feel, but love is complicated like that, isn’t it?

Cameron Shimniok as Curio and Trent Mendez as Orsino

L to R: Cameron Shimniok as Curio and Trent Mendez as Orsino

Truthfully? This was my first full experience of cheapest pharmacy Shakespeare, and I’m intrigued by what I saw. I’m to understand Shakespeare is a passion for Harris, who is revisiting Twelfth Night after 25 years of work. And what a piece to present at the Bartell Theatre! It’s fascinating the depths people would go for their love, making compromises for the perceived devotions they have for each other. And in the tragedy and comedy of it all, how misplaced all of the emotions are, it is a timeless feeling in which we can always relate.

Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a Strollers Theatre production, and shall play at the Bartell Theatre through March 7th. Purchase tickets here.


Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Twelfth Night, or What You Will – Get Tickets Now!


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