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Fishwife – Cool Record #1

Review by Meghan Rose 


  1. pl. fish·wives
  2. A woman who sells fish.
  3. A woman regarded as coarse, vulgar and shrewdly abusive.
Fishwife at Ladies Rock Camp in October, 2014.  Photo by Dana Perry. Watch the LIVE video below.

Fishwife at Ladies Rock Camp in October, 2014. Photo by Dana Perry.
Watch the LIVE video below.


Fishwife had me at hello.

I know the people in this band personally and I’ve grown and changed with them through this wonderful community called Girls Rock Camp. Take that with all the grains of salt you want, because it means a lot that this band is so involved.

Let’s start off with expectations. This album was unapologetically “recorded live in Dar Ward’s living room” and it shows. There’s ‘plosives in the vocals, the drums aren’t edited, and it’s not mastered, so the overall levels are lower than commercial music should be. And this is not a complaint. I think this is exactly how Fishwife is supposed to be recorded.

Halle Pollay’s electric guitar has two types. Clean and fuzz. It’s not a big sound. It’s not supposed to be. It works.

Dar’s bass playing is melodic and makes up for a lack of lead guitar.

Both Halle and Sarah Whitt’s vocals are straightforward and they understand that singing is just talking with notes. My favorite part of the band is the lyrics, and they both know how to sing in a way that you can understand what they’re singing about.

So let’s talk about the lyrics. They’re brilliant.

  1. “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship (Have a Wonderful Day)” is about how predictable a new relationship can be. It’s kind of boring, and it’s overrated. It’s the kind of “well, here we go again let’s get on with it” sort of mood. I actually don’t know if that is what the song is about, but that’s what I get out of it, and I like it.
  2. “My Friend BiL” is about Halle’s friend BiL. This song makes me deliriously happy with how simple it is. And yet the complexity of Sarah’s lower harmonies are tip top. The stops in the song are well paced and delightful. In summary: “there’s this guy and I know him and this is what he’s like”
  3. “The Pearl” – another one with great lower harmonies. Both Halle and Sarah have a way with these slower songs of singing in a chanting way. It’s almost religious or ominous. This song to me is about someone who will never be happy and needs an attitude adjustment.
  4. “Turn Away” – this seems to be a break up song, maybe about a lover or a friend, you can’t really tell. But it’s one of those happy sounding break up songs. The story of breaking up is delivered with a shrug, then a drum solo, then a series of ba-ba-bas. This girl is moving on. This is one of the songs that was written by a Ladies Rock Camp band that Sarah fronted, that Fishwife then learned and has now immortalized for the benefit of us all.
  5. “A Traditional Ditty” – “go get a mammogram then you tell me where you stand” ends this song. It’s about the hypocrisy of Christian fundamentalists. This band is not afraid to write about religion. They are a punk band at the heart. They’ve got shit to say, dammit.
  6. “Messiah” – I am in love with this song. The bass riff simply bending that one note throughout the verse, and the fuzzy guitar way back in the mix, break my brain in the best way. Then the chorus hits you with a chromatic descending pattern. It’s kind of metal, it’s kind of grunge. When you consider the chanting vocals on top of that, and the religious nature of the lyrics, I picture two all-knowing, all-powerful goddesses flying down from a red sky arms folded in front of them like “Here’s the deal, okay? Get over it.” And then proceeding to tell the poor unassuming human all the world’s secrets and it’s up to him to understand their cryptic poetry or perish. You have to be your own Messiah. Yes you do.
  7. “Shiksa Lesbian” – come on. The title says it all. Just listen to it.
  8. “Slipping Away” – catchy break up song. Solid harmonies. I’m about it.
  9. “Taking Out the Trash” – Dar plays a terrific guitar solo. This is another one written by a Girls Rock Camp band. “Hey dude, where you gonna go?” Perfect.

In closing, Fishwife is a band. I’m proud to know them and to call them my friends. This record inspires me. And that’s worth everything.

Listen to the whole album for free here.
Like their page here.
VIDEO: Fishwife performing live at Ladies Rock Camp in October 2014.



~ Meghan Rose is a writer/performer in Madison. She also records bands at Clutch Sound. You can listen, watch, and read more here


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